Looking for an inexpensive, fast air sealing solution. GREAT STUFF Pond & Stone is a polyurethane-based foam … Product Overview. For windows, doors and skylights, this minimal-expanding foam with a low pressure build forms a durable, airtight and water-resistant seal. 4 in. Concrete masonry provides answers to a variety of essential building needs. tear-off strip for applications where caulking is specified. Price/Kit. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. Great Stuff is an excellent choice to air-seal the framing around windows and doors, and gaps around foam board. Note that Great Stuff is now recognized as VERY flammable, and should not be used for fire stopping. The foam expands approximately 3 times its original volume, is tack free in approximately 45 minutes and fully cured in 12 hours. Suitable for all types of posts including wood, steel and PVC. Foam board is the perfect Step 1 for basement walls. With all three cans, the product began leaking out of the underneath of that screw on spray tube. The Reflectix closed cell foam expansion joint is the solution to your concrete placement needs. Excellent product and and easy to install.... Trim-A-Slab is a product made from exterior-grade. See More + QUIKRETE Polyurethane Non-Sag Sealant is a high performance, construction grade, polyurethane sealant for filling cracks, joints and voids in vertical and overhead surfaces. Make sure there are drains and a dry well or sump pump for the water to trickle to. We are sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced. It is not harmful if you get it on your skin, but it will take time and effort to remove it. Install 1/2" 'exterior grade' plywood panels (e.g. The type of foam board is important: use XPS which does not absorb moisture, e.g. From the Manufacturer. My advise is to consume the entire contents of each can when you have a project. 'Plytanium') over the DriCore panels as your subfloor, leaving a 1/2" gap around the perimeter for expansion. “concrete foam jacking” or “concrete leveling” or “poly-jacking” When a concrete slab starts to dip inwards, it’s likely due to a lack of support underneath. We have developed a new dispenser called the Great Stuff™ Smart Dispenser™ that allows for greater control and ease of use. I love Great Stuff foam and I use it for a lot of insulating projects. Your vent will be under 240degrees Fahrenheit unless you have it running out of your roof where on hot days it could make it exceed that temperature, Dear Dave: Yes, this is an ideal application for Great Stuff. Needed to eliminate vibration before I close up the wall for my home Music studio. Fantastic product, saves time at end of job, no trimming of expansion!!! I love Great Stuff foam and I use it for a lot of insulating projects. I double expansion joint material in few spots and used joint filler compound to hold in place. When you build your interior walls, use pressure treated (PT) lumber, which resists moisture and rot. The time it takes for concrete filler to dry will depend on the product being used and how big and deep is the crack is. For larger voids we would recommend FROTH-PAK™ Sealant or Insulation Do not use GREAT STUFF™ products or FROTH-PAK™ products to fill enclosed voids such as behind drywall or under tub surrounds; this improper use of the product could result in the accumulation of flammable vapors and/or uncured material. Insulated my Whole house using 2" Owens Formula 250 Foam Board. As recommended on the label, please use protection to avoid contact with skin and eyes, so please wear gloves and goggles.