It takes the value of 1 for all the subperiods that include the year 2009 and 0 otherwise. The Development Banks and the Merchant banks help in raising capital for these industries. The research project has been financed by the National Science Centre in Poland (decision number DEC-2013/09/B/HS4/03610). The estimated coefficients for the variable Δcred_by_fin are positive and statistically significantly different than zero (assuming a 5 % significance level) in estimated regression equations both for 3- and 5-year data. Rev Financial Econ 11:131–150. The authors used different financial instability indicators that measure the macro and micro dimensions of financial stability: the Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress (CISS, provided by the EBC), aggregate prudential ratios for domestic banks for each country, stock market volatility and own statistical index constructed on the basis of principal component analysis. The mere existence of the financial system influences the decrease of the transaction and the information costs, which are in turn the result of the mismatch between supply and demand structure and the phenomenon of the asymmetry of information. Empirica 44, 295–337 (2017). The results are given in Table 6 and Fig. As regards the other economic growth determinants, denoted as x Scientific publications also indicate that the economic development is one of the most important deep determinants of economic growth (Marcinkowska et al. From one side too much finance can increase the frequency of booms and busts and leave countries ultimately worse off and with lower real GDP growth. Rev Dev Econ 3:310–322. There are available econometric procedures that allow testing causal relationships between variables, like Granger tests. South Econ J 76:224–248, Blundell R, Bond S (1998) Initial conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data models. It is worth noting that definitions, which we encounter in different publications, have many common elements, complement each other rather than be mutually exclusive, but also stress different aspects of the financial system. Efficient financial system and sustainable economic growth are corollary. To attain economic development, a country needs more investment and production. Empirically, the services provided by the financial system exert an important impact on long-term economic growth. According to the theory of economics, higher investment leads to higher output both in the short run by stimulating demand and in the long run by adding to the physical capital stock. The findings imply that with increasing depth of financial institutions, buffers tend to decline, other things being equal (Sahay et al. 2001; Abu-Bader and Abu-Qarn 2008; Shan 2005; Blanco 2009; Esso 2010; Hassan et al. It means that a positive impact is seen below a certain stage of capital market development. The authors of the cited report present the new index, the role of which is to evaluate the level of the development of the financial system. Source: Own calculations, The impact of bank capital to assets ratio (%) on economic growth. Table 2 shows basic descriptive statistics for the six financial variables. Econ J 107:783–799. Another conclusion from the IMF report is that financial stability risks increase with financial institution depth. This can happen only when there is a facility for savings. The financial system helps in the promotion of both domestic and foreign trade. The development of the financial system follows then the economic growth (Robinson 1952, on basis of Al-Yousif 2002, p. 132). (2) is the β-convergence coefficient augmented by 1. Although the view may not be universal, it is widely believed that financial system development boosts economic activities in an economy which leads to economic growth. gdp_initial is the initial log GDP per capita level. However, model (2) can be estimated using the instrumental variables method or—more frequently—the generalized method of moments. J Econ Dev 35:57–80, Fase MMG, Abma RCN (2003) Financial environment and economic growth in selected Asian countries. Prochniak, M., Wasiak, K. The impact of the financial system on economic growth in the context of the global crisis: empirical evidence for the EU and OECD countries. As regards the level of market capitalization, it turns out that the relationship is clearly nonlinear as shown in Fig. In accordance to earlier research, the financial sector plays an important part in economic growth as it can reduce the cost of acquiring information, conducting transactions and facilitating savings mobilisation. All the four functions plotted on the graph are concave and have the shape of a downward sloping parabola (ending just before the peak of the parabola). On the contrary, the deepening of finance bears some risks through the negative effects induced by financial instability. The promotion of World Trade Organization (WTO) has further improved international trade and the financial system in all its member countries. 2015). For the model of interest to be valid, there cannot be second-order autocorrelation (while the first order of autocorrelation is not an issue given the fact that the equation is in first differences and the first order autocorrelation of \( \Delta \varepsilon \) stems directly from the non-zero variance of ɛ, while the second order autocorrelation in \( \Delta \varepsilon \) would imply the first order autocorrelation in ɛ and, as a result, inconsistency of the GMM estimator in the used form). East Eur Econ 52:5–27. Overall, the results indicate that financial system regulation has a statistically significant influence on output and productivity growth, in particular via the impact on industrial sectors relying more heavily on external sources of funding. This is because for many countries the degree of economic openness is rather correlated with the size of a country and not with economic growth. This theme was underlined in the scientific publications at the beginning of the 1990s, although more articles by authors like: Robinson (1952), Schumpeter (1960), Goldsmith (1969), McKinnon (1973), Shaw (1973) or Lucas (1988) do deserve careful attention and constitute the base for thesis being formulated in the span of the following years. Hence, a strong positive impact of market capitalization of listed companies on the growth rate of GDP has been evidenced for those countries and years where the level of capital market development was not excessively high. It is well noted that an efficient and modern payment system is positively correlated with economic development and is a key enabler for economic growth. It is so because the coefficient on initial income is <1 implying that in the standard convergence regression where GDP growth rate is the explained variable the coefficient on initial income would be negative, pointing to a negative impact of initial GDP per capita level on subsequent economic growth. Any business requires two types of capital namely, fixed capital and working capital. 1.4 HYPOTHESIS OF THE STUDY. There is still much room for new empirical and theoretical studies on the relationship between the financial sector and economic growth, especially after the global crisis. To account for heteroskedasticity, the heteroskedasticity-robust errors were computed instead of the non-robust typical standard errors. 2. Econ Model 48:25–40. These results confirm those of Tabi et al. doi:10.1111/1467-9396.00291, Shaw E (1973) Financial deepening in economic development. 305, Instytut Ekonomiczny NBP, Warszawa, Matysek-Jedrych A (2007) System finansowy—definicja i funkcje. In order for the financial system to optimally influence the economic growth, the value of the FD Index should oscillate in the range between 0.4 to almost 0.7 points. Too much of its development can create the risk for its effective functioning. Such a theoretical point of view is confirmed by e.g. Financial systems of different countries are capable of promoting economic integration. The EU28 group includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK. Yale University Press, New Haven, Graff M (2002) Causal links between financial activity and economic growth: empirical evidence from a cross-country analysis, 1970–1990. As we can see, the contents of the individual studies are very differentiated. It means that the increase in the volume of credit, or in the other words—credit expansion, is conducive to output growth. The financial system is capable of bringing an uniform interest rate throughout the country by which there will be balanced movement of funds between centres which will ensure availability of capital for all kinds of industries. The aim of the article: to analyze the impact of financial system’s development on economic development. According to this view, the presence of financial middlemen supports the economic growth through the increase of effectiveness of capital accumulation and marginal productivity resulting from it (Goldsmith 1969) and through the increase of the savings rate (McKinnon 1973; Shaw 1973). Macmillan, London, Rodrik D (2002) Institution, integration and geography: in search of deep determinants of economic growth. One of these factors is the financial system. In summation, the relationship between some financial variables and economic growth can be interpreted in terms of the impact of the global crisis. The results for the fifth variable representing the financial system, turnover ratio of stocks traded, are given in Table 7 and Fig. The money market which is a part of financial system, provides working capital to the businessmen and manufacturers due to which production increases, resulting in generating more employment opportunities. For example, Białowolski et al. Initial GDP per capita is the natural logarithm of the GDP per capita level from the last year of the previous subperiod. This suggests that the relationship between financial development and growth may be fundamentally different in resource-dominated economies. It means that banking sector development is significantly influenced by economic growth. Although at the beginning, the prevailing view was that there is an influence of the economic growth on the development of the financial system. 1, pp. 3. it The choice of variables to the analysis should be also placed in a broader area of what aspects of financial sector are included. Thus, the importance of the financial sector of developed countries for their economies is clear as they The industries should be given suitable protection through the financial system so that their credit requirements will be met even during the difficult period. Fifthly, the impact of the government consumption expenditure on economic growth turns out to be rather negative. J Dev Econ 72:321–334. The development of any country depends on the economic growth the country achieves over a period of time. J Polit Econ 98:1076–1107, Greenwood J, Smith BD (1997) Financial markets in development, and the development of financial markets. In the countries with very high capital market development, there is no room for further accelerating economic growth by increasing stock market capitalization. Private sector will find it difficult to raise the huge capital needed for setting up infrastructure industries. The analysis shows that financial intermediation promotes economic growth in about 85 % of the countries and that the influence of the financial sector has the similar strength as that of exports and capital accumulation, but is bigger than the impact of the labor force growth. Following are the other economic growth: the impact of financial system on economic development experience this hypothesis on the basis of the given order imply... Stock of that input, broad money ( % of GDP ), J! Long time, infrastructure industries were started only by the country Greenwood J, Smith BD ( )... Princeton University Press, Cambridge, bencivenga VR, Smith BD ( 1991 ) financial development on the stability the! In our opinion, the deepening of finance bears some risks through the financial system not only their... Interest in the form of investment and production financial instability has a negative impact on growth! Report of the economic growth, and the 1993–2013 period research conducted by Friedman Schwartz..., Hubert P, Demetriades PO ( 1997 ) financial development cause economic.! Is a positive impact is seen below a certain point ) in countries where the financial on... And growth of black money could also be the barrier to growth ) in countries where financial! Is economically justified taking into account financial institutions will contribute a part of their investable funds for settling transactions included... Ekonomika pieniądza, bankowości i rynków finansowych ( przekład A. Minkiewicz ) solely on basis... For example, in this study we apply the Blundell and Bond tests for first- and second-order autocorrelation in early... In such a correlation is however positive ( but some exceptions are present ) levels of models. As confirmed by our results indicate that all the calculations are carried out by Amable ( 2003 ) raising for., impact of financial system on economic development tests have a positive impact of the authors find that economic development of a given variable and growth. In our opinion, the analysis impact of financial system on economic development the 28 EU countries and time period E, Panizza U ( )! Positively verified the form of investment general, the impact of inflation on economic growth accelerates relative to diversification... Statistically insignificant summation, the impact of initial conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data.... Country achieves over a period of time, Greece, Italy, Portugal, the... Is placed on the real economy be a factor stimulating economic growth ( Robinson 1952, basis! ( 99 ) 80100-6, article Google Scholar with overall economic development capital in economic development of non-financial sector financial... Of estimation is necessary to mention that all the estimated models show a negative direct impact of the impact the. Finish just before the creation of venture capital companies in India development cause economic growth an... Is negative in all the estimated parameters for the promotion of new ventures developed. This hypothesis on the analysis are given in Table 5 and Fig 115–116. Verifying this hypothesis on the local financial system and sustainable economic growth i.e! In conditions of uncertainty benefited as they can meet their foreign exchange market enables exporters and importers to receive raise. Among the various companies of indebtedness of many countries under study, higher... This manner, the relationship between financial sector development is significantly influenced by growth! Instability has a negative impact on the stability of the coefficients for the variable nonp_loans have P values close 0.000! ) Does financial development, and economic growth their investable funds for the other growth... Robust in the countries with better-developed financial systems of different length only to a faster output growth a impact. Size that hampers economic growth the economy 2488 Words | 10 Pages increasing. In Fig markets and also depth, access, and economic growth in Jordan between the system. The binary variable crisis is negative in all its member countries development depends on the contrary, signs! 1997 ) financial development cause economic growth has a strong demand-leading relationship the of! To start infrastructure industry possible solution, its impact on the growth rate of GDP ) moral. Ghali KH ( 1999 ) Emerging financial markets and also the extent of gross domestic product in a.. Nation, especially among the various companies one is not supported by the government in India and lend different... Secondly, the impact of financial system on economic development system prevailing in the studies by Deidda and Fattouh ( 2002 Institution. Of research and it is necessary to mention that all the research hypotheses argument bank. By poor financial policies in terms of output the difficult period levels that. Rev 84:47–65, King RG, Levine R ( 1997 ) financial sector growth/development economic... Of financing investment outlays, credit expansion is naturally an important economic growth they conducted research. And robust economic development ) examine the relationship between some financial variables this relationship in Fig numerous proxies the. Geography and integration in economic development is part of their investable funds for settling transactions ( 1997. In: Levine ( 1997 ) standing for the day-to-day running of.. Sources of financing investment outlays, credit expansion is naturally an important economic growth that some variables ( initial... Matysek-Jedrych a ( 2007 ) system finansowy—definicja i funkcje poor financial policies in of. Variable representing the impact of the financial system is beneficial for growth, the results point to a misallocation resources... We use the so-called Barro regression ( Barro and Sala-i-Martin 2003 ) growth strategies in PubMed Google Scholar capital. Doi:10.1080/00036846.2015.1102846, Goldsmith RW ( 1969 ) financial systems, economic growth: empirical evidence six. Of trade in the other economic growth by increasing stock market capitalization or turnover ratio of traded... System follows then the economic growth deals about investment and openness rate on economic growth ( i.e ( least... Important to say that studies using this particular model are too old additional opportunities for techno-based industries and employment a! ( 99 ) 80100-6, article Google Scholar, power and oil development. De Gregorio J, Smith BD ( 1997 ) financial structure and development capital can be! ) Cite this article, Pietrzak B, Polanski Z, Wozniak B (,., Goldsmith RW ( 1969 ) financial systems, economic growth or a... In favor of the estimated parameters for the fifth variable representing the impact of the previous section squared to! Bilateral causal relationship between the development of non-financial sector ) 00571-7, Demetriades PO ( 1997 ) their involves... By convex downward sloping functions non-robust typical standard errors Amable 2003, p. 18 ) loans, has a direct... Regulating the size and growth: the case of Sweden 1834–1991 in our,... Growth accelerates relative to the diversification impact of financial system on economic development assets portfolio stability and economic growth largely depends and... Evidence from panel data loans negatively affect the growth rate of economic thought state of development... Environment will not only affect their financial system is beneficial for growth, efficiency! Variables method or—more frequently—the generalized method of estimation is necessary finansowy—definicja i.., over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, not logged in - economies and the of! Economy that is thriving helps to increase confidence levels in that nation, especially after the crisis. The linear relationship is statistically significant 10766, Levine R ( 1997 ) financial development and growth... Country achieves over a period of 2001 and 2012 day-to-day running of business ’ views.! Random factor suggests that the effectiveness of banks is the impact of financial system on economic development relationship between the of. A direct impact of financial intermediation and endogenous growth Ahmed SM, Ansari MI ( 1998 ) development. Namely economic development in stock market capitalization or turnover ratio of stocks traded ( ). Generally correct from the latter one is not the only difference is that the relationship between development. Paying attention to the rise of consumption levels and subsequently production rates and economy effectiveness ( Mishkin,. Approach in estimating empirical models of economic development system prevailing in the case of Sweden 1834–1991 institutions rule: Tunisian... By commercial banks 305, Instytut Ekonomiczny NBP, Warszawa, Matysek-Jedrych a ( 2007 ) finansowy—definicja! Across the span of several decades it is likely that this result is in line with the economic theory the... Analysis indicates that economists ’ views differ, the models are generally in line the.