On December 18, 1870, the congregation became independent, with a no-vitiate of its own, and on February 15, 1871, the Sisters of St. Joseph of London, Ontario, were legally incorporated. Detroit.—In 1889 Sisters of St. Joseph from the Diocese of Ogdensburg established a new congregation at Kalamazoo, Michigan. They number about 80 and have charge of an academy and 13 parish schools, with an attendance of 4500. History, mission, program information, reflections from imprisoned sisters, and links to related sites. L. M. Fink, Bishop of Leavenworth, decided that those sisters should belong to his diocese exclusively, and in so doing they became the nucleus of a new diocesan community of the Sisters of St. Joseph, having their motherhouse established at Abilene, under the title of Mount St. Joseph‘s Academy. We value their living culture and spirituality. The bishop invited the aspirants to assemble at Le Puy where shortly afterwards he placed them in charge of the orphan asylum for girls. Savannah.—The Sisters of St. Joseph were established at Savannah in 1867, in charge of the boys’ orphanage, and soon afterwards were constituted an independent diocesan congregation. Some sisters reside at Mt. Sisters of St. Joseph of Bourg.—In 1819 a foundation from the motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph at Lyons was made at Belley; a novitiate was opened, and houses were established in other parts of the diocese. Chicago.—The Sisters of St. Joseph were established at La Grange, Illinois, October 2, 1899, by two sisters under Mother Stanislaus Leary, formerly superior of the diocesan community at Rochester, New York. 11999 Chalon Road (902.79 mi) Los Angeles, CA 90049. Hundreds of convents, schools, and charitable institutions, belonging to the Sisters of St. Joseph, have been suppressed, and the religious have been obliged to seek safety and shelter in other lands. The community increasing in proportion to its more extended field of labor, a commodious building was erected to answer the double purpose of novitiate and academy, the latter being incorporated in 1853 under the laws of the State of Missouri. I entered the Congregation Sister Servants of the Poor in 1982 and ministered in Italy for eighteen years. Ever since their foundation in 1866, Sisters of Saint Joseph have striven to live according to the spirit of their founders, whose aim was to educate and to respond to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged of their time. Since then the numerous communities of this congregation have been placed by the Holy See under the bishops of the dioceses in which they work. Joseph, SISTERS OF Saint.—CONGREGATION OF THE SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH, founded at Le Puy, in Velay, France, by the Rev. In India the sisters have hospitals, homes, orphanages, etc., just as they have in France, and they also go out to nurse the sick in their own homes. In 2017, the members of the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada, were the first group of religious communities in Canada to be designated a Blue Community which supports the right to safe drinking water without the need for bottled water. In 1864 a hospital was opened at Meadville, and the sisters took charge of the parochial schools of that city. The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis join with the world in praying for one another during this Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The following is the story of the second foundation at Temuka. The work of the sisters extends over the Archdioceses of Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Wellington, the Dioceses of Armidale, Wilcannia, Port Augusta, Bendigo, Sale, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Rockhampton, and the Abbey Nullius of New Norcia. During the reign of terror, several Sisters of St. Joseph died for the Faith, and several others escaped the guillotine only by the fall of Robespierre. The province of Russia, founded in 1872, with novitiate at Tarnopol, Galicia, outside the frontier, has establishments at St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Odessa: two large academies, a day-school, an orphan asylum, a hospital, a home for the aged, etc. See More. They work in partnership in areas including education, drug and alcohol programs, literacy, cultural identity, pastoral and family support, advocacy, child protection, development projects and emergency relief. The motherhouse is still at Brighton. Find out more about the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in the Los Angeles area. The sisters number about 250, under the provincial house at Itu. The accession of new members enabled the sisters to meet the increasing demands made upon them, and they now number 175, in charge of 23 schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Dioceses of Pittsburg, Cleveland, and Columbus, with an attendance of 6075; they also conduct a hospital and 2 boarding-schools. They were later introduced into the Dioceses of Clermont, Vienne, Lyons, Grenoble, Embrun, Gap, Sisteron, Vivier, Uges, and almost the whole of France. P: 310.889.2100 E: communications@csjla.org Searching for a Sister? In 1860 the motherhouse, novitiate, and boarding school were removed to Flushing, Long Island, whence the activity of the sisters was gradually extended over the diocese. Fort Wayne.—The Sisters of St. Joseph, with their motherhouse at Tipton, number 60, in charge of an academy and 5 parochial schools, with an attendance of 1000. In 1876 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rome, founded from Turin in 1839, were annexed to the Chambery branch; the province now (1910) comprises 15 houses, mainly educational institutions. She applied in vain to the municipality for the restoration of the convent in which she had invested her dowry, and while awaiting the dawn of a brighter day, returned to her own home. In 1904 a colony of French sisters was sent out from Bourg, and schools have since been opened among the French Canadians in Minnesota and Wisconsin. More than eighty houses rose beneath her hand, and when, in 1861, a state normal school was opened at Rumilly, Savoy, it was placed in charge of the sisters. In this way too much centralization or peril to establishments working in accordance with local and special exigencies is fully guarded against. Foundations were made also in Savoy, Italy, and Corsica. Sister entered the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield from Sacred Heart Parish, Holyoke in 1939. The province of St. Paul includes the houses in the Archdiocese of St. Paul, Minnesota, and the Dioceses of Winona and Far-go, North Dakota. In 1889 connection with the motherhouse in France was severed, and many of the French sisters returned to their native land. Missionaries without resources and poor seminarians are special objects of the charitable attentions of this community. The sisters are in constant demand for parochial schools and now (1910), with a membership of 300, conduct 19, with an attendance of about 9000. US Federation Sisters of St. Joseph; Members of LCWR; In Remembrance; About Our Work. The number of institutions now directed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester has risen to 50 (1910): 5 private educational institutions, including a conservatory of music and art; 5 charitable institutions, including 3 orphan asylums, a hospital, and a home for the aged; and 40 parochial schools, including one high school. In 1809 Mother Javouhey made her profession, after nine years’ preparation, and, having received the habit, was appointed superior-general of the congregation. Get Involved for information about volunteering and internship opportunities in Los Angeles. International Roman Catholic religious congregation of women founded in 1884 to further the work of peace. No Visitors Allowed due to COVID-19 Pandemic. After remaining there a year they located at Concordia, Kansas, in the fall of 1884, and established the first motherhouse in the West, in what was then the Diocese of Leavenworth. The growing needs of this institution obliged the purchase of other property in the neighborhood, and now men, women, and children, are cared for in separate buildings. Boston.—In 1873 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brooklyn opened their first school at Jamaica Plain, in the Archdiocese of Boston, and three years later established there a novitiate, which was transferred successively to Cambridge (1885), Brighton, and Canton (1902). In 1863 a novitiate was opened at New Orleans, and later one was established at Cedar Point, Hamilton County, Ohio. From this province houses were founded on the Pacific Coast, the first (St. Joseph‘s Hospital) being established in 1890 at Bellingham, Washington (Diocese of Seattle). The Sisters of St. Joseph members live in small apartments in the greater Waterville area. They have over 1000 children under their care. By 1865 the number of members had reached 1700, and the congregation was established throughout France, the principal academies being at Bourg, Paris, Boulogne-sur-Seine, and Marseilles. No unauthorised reproductions permitted. The tide of anarchy and revolution had wrought awful havoc in France, and the education of youth, especially the children of the working classes, was the special work devolving on the Sisters of St. Joseph. The sisters undertake all kinds of charitable works, but they devote themselves especially to missionary labors and the education of the young. The constitutions, while establishing on a solid basis the idea of a general government, allow no small share of local initiative and care-fully provide for local needs. The novitiate was established at Cluny, and henceforth the congregation was known as the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny. But after the division was made, the following year, Abilene was in the Concordia diocese, and Parsons was in the Wichita diocese, and the motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph being in Parsons, the community belonged to the Wichita diocese, having mission-houses in both the Diocese of Concordia, and the Diocese of Kansas City. 2,085 people follow this. St. Louis.—In the year 1834 the Right Rev. When natives enter the congregation, the noviceship is made apart from the Europeans, but they are treated in every way as members of the community. In March, 1895, the constitutions were submitted to the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda by the founder, and in the September following the Decree “Lauda” was obtained. The accession of other members from the motherhouse enabled the community to take charge of three other schools in the city attached to French parishes. Fall River.—In 1902 nine Sisters of St. Joseph from the motherhouse at Le Puy took charge of the school in the French parish of St-Roth, Fall River, Massachusetts. The sisters now number about 105, in charge of 6 academies, 14 day-schools, and 1 orphanage. When the number of religious increased to between three and four hundred, and the works entrusted to them became so numerous and varied as to necessitate an organization more detailed and definite, steps were undertaken to obtain the papal approbation, which was received in 1895. The recent upheaval in France is like history repeating itself in the spirit of the Revolution. In 1906 St. Theresa’s Convent was formally opened as the provincial house of the community, which was legally incorporated in the same year, and a novitiate was established. The Know-Nothing spirit, which had but a short time previously led to the Philadelphia riots, to the burning and desecration of churches and religious institutions, was still rampant, and the sisters had much to suffer from bigotry and difficulties of many kinds. About 1866 he placed at the head of the latter Miss Mackillop, whom he sent to the Sisters of St. Joseph at Annecy, Savoy, to learn their rule. We recognize the virus is affecting people in all areas, physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually. All are received on the same footing, all enjoy the same privileges, and all are subject to the same obedience which assigns duties according to ability, talent, and aptitude. The motherhouse is in Paris, and there are numerous houses of the congregation in various parts of France; there are houses also in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, England, Scotland, Ireland, Chili, Peru, the East and West Indies India, and Ceylon. By the passage of the Separate Schools Bill in 1856 the sisters were given control of the education of the Catholic children of the city. The congregation, which numbers 187, has charge of a hospital, training school for nurses, normal school, a home for feeble-minded children, an orphan asylum, and several other educational institutions, besides supplying teachers for 7 parish schools of the diocese. Three years later the Diocese of Buffalo was divided and that of Rochester created, and the following year, 1868, the Rochester community dissolved its affiliation with the Buffalo motherhouse and opened its own novitiate and motherhouse at St. Mary’s Boys’ Orphan Asylum, later transferred to the Nazareth Academy, Rochester. Later on other foundations were made in British Columbia (Diocese of New Westminster), namely a hospital at Rossland, another at Greenwood, and a day and boarding school at Nelson. In 1880 a novitiate was established, and about the same time, owing to the departure of the Sisters of Mercy from the city, the training of the impoverished whites also devolved on the new community. The motherhouse of the congregation is at Sydney, New South Wales. Simply e-mail us; we will do our best to put you in touch! These obstacles seemed but to increase the zeal of the sisters, and by degrees postulants were received, parochial schools and asylums opened, and new works begun in various parts of the diocese. The sisters in France are still in charge of 3 hospitals. In cases where a year has elapsed between the visits of a priest, the sisters have toiled on, keeping up the day-school and on Sundays gathering the children for catechism and the rosary, and the people for the reading of a sermon, thus preparing them to receive the sacraments on the arrival of a priest. Arrangements were soon perfected, and on January 17, 1836, six sisters sailed from Havre and, after a perilous voyage of forty-nine days, reached New Orleans, where they were met by the Bishop of St. Louis and Father Timon, afterwards Bishop of Buffalo. SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH OF ST. HYACINTHE, founded at St. Hyacinthe, Canada, September 12, 1877, by the bishop of that diocese, Louis-Zephirin Moreau, for the Christian instruction of children and the visitation and care of the sick. Two years later one of these sisters was brought to Buffalo by Bishop Timon to assume charge of Le Couteulx St. Mary’s Institution for the instruction of deaf mutes, which had lately been established. Thirty-one of the sisters perished in the terrible catastrophe at Martinique, in 1902, when the town of St-Pierre was wrecked by a volcanic eruption. In 1862 sisters were sent to establish a school at Stockholm, and in 1876 to Gothenburg. In 1804 Pius VII passed through Seurre, after crowning Napoleon Bonaparte as emperor in Paris, and received Mother Javouey with three of her community and blessed them. St. Joseph Rehabilitation & Residence in Waterville. Father Medaille prescribed three months, at least, for the probation time of a postulant, and four years for novitiate training, two years preparatory, and two years after the making of the vows, which are final. Sponsored Ministries. The community increased in numbers and soon branched out, doing parochial school work throughout the diocese. Following his example we are obedient to God as we serve God through our needy brothers and sisters in our religious communities, in the parishes, in society and in the global community. The congregation, which now (1910) numbers 285 members, also has charge of 28 parochial schools in the diocese, 3 orphan asylums, a working boys’ home, an infants’ asylum, and a home for women and working girls. The work of the native novitiate is only in its infancy, and it is hoped that the native sisters will in the future be most useful with the native population. Canada.—Hamilton.—In 1852 five sisters from the 1 motherhouse at Toronto established a foundation at Hamilton, where they at once opened an orphanage and began their work in the parochial schools of the city. The motherhouse of the Florida missions is at St. Augustine. During the Civil War, detachments of sisters nursed the sick soldiers in Camp Curtin and the Church Hospital, Harrisburg; later, under Surgeon General Smith, they had more active duty in the floating hospitals which received the wounded from the southern battle-fields. In September, 1863, Pope Pius IX issued the letter of commendation of the institute and its works, holding the constitutions for examination and revision by the Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars. Their schools receive no government grant, in spite of which they are superior to the free secular schools. They live under the rule of the Third Order of St. Francis, and their particular object is the education of the young in Catholic schools. The postulancy lasts for six months, and the novitiate for two years, after which vows are taken for three years, and then perpetual vows. For greater facilities and the accommodation for girls a second house was opened in Jersey City, where industrial classes are held on four evenings in the week, and instruction given in plain sewing, dressmaking, millinery, and cooking. At the present time (1910), the sisters, who number 200, have charge of 3 hospitals, all in the Diocese of Wichita, and 18 parochial schools, including one in the Diocese of Leavenworth, one in the Diocese of Kansas City, Missouri, and 3 in connection with the sanitarium at Del Norte, Colorado. The Sisters of St. Joseph, also known as the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph and abbreviated C.S.J. Although an interchange of members of the various provinces is allowed and made use of for general or particular needs, the autonomy of each province is safeguarded. He was admitted into the Society in 1640, became noted as a teacher of rhetoric and philosophy before entering upon his career as a preacher, in which he distinguished himself by his great oratorical power, but most especially by his marvellous influence over souls. Get Directions (310) 889-2100. They teach Christian doctrine in many Sunday schools besides those attached to the schools under their charge. The community at present numbers 65 professed sisters, 6 novices, and 5 postulants. Password ` Contact Us. In nearly all the mission houses are evening classes for adults to whom the sisters give religious instruction. The motherhouse was transferred to Ain, in 1825, whence houses were founded at Ferney, Gap, Grenoble, Bordeaux, and elsewhere. England.—In England the Sisters of St. Joseph devote themselves entirely to the work of teaching. Navigate. John Loughlin, first Bishop of Brooklyn, applied to the motherhouse at Philadelphia for sisters, and two religious were named for the new mission, joined during the same year by a sister from Buffalo. The community developed rapidly and soon spread through different parts of the diocese. The Brazilian province, founded in 1859, has several flourishing academies, besides day-schools for the upper classes, schools for negroes, hospitals, orphanages and foundling asylums, and one home for lepers. The Indian foundation was made in 1849. Among the latter was Mother St. John Fontbonne, who in her notebook records the names of four Sisters of St. Joseph imprisoned with her at St-Didier, five others in the dungeon of Feurs, and twenty in Clermont and other parts of France. Called by God and passionate for the mission of Jesus, the Sisters of St. Joseph come together to serve all persons.With a distinctive spirit of hospitality and a particular concern for the poor, we witness to the Gospel message by being a unifying and reconciling presence to a world in need. The congregation now comprises 266 members, in charge of 3 academies, 1 high school, and 22 separate schools, with a total attendance of 5025; 5 charitable institutions, with 900 inmates; and 1 hospital, with an annual averse of 2900. Recently a house for girls was opened at Seattle, Washington. The sisters who now (1910) number 65, are in charge of an academy with an attendance of 100 and a school for boys. US Federation Sisters of St. Joseph; Members of LCWR; In Remembrance; About Our Work. On reopening the mission at Monistrol, Mother St. John expressed great joy and satisfaction. The sisters, in communities of two or three, did the pioneer work in the mission field of Australia, seconding the labors of the clergy so ably that there have been few defections from the Faith. The blind were first taken in charge in a small building in Jersey City, on the site of which the present Institute of the Blind stands. The province of Denmark, whither the sisters were sent in 1856, has its seat at Copenhagen, and now numbers 400 members, in charge of flourishing parochial and private schools and a large hospital in the capital, with schools, orphan asylums, and hospitals, on a smaller scale, scattered all over the kingdom. The novitiate was transferred, in 1897, to Nazareth, a hamlet founded by the sisters on a four-hundred-acre farm. The members of the congregation minister in a way that: Heals and reconciles; Serves all persons without distinction In 1907 a colony of these sisters opened a sanitarium at Del Norte, Colorado, in the Diocese of Denver. At this meeting a plan for uniting all the communities under a general government was discussed and accepted by the sisters and afterwards by many of the bishops in whose dioceses the sisters were engaged. Where-ever obedience directed, thither the missionaries hastened, till representatives of the community might be counted in nearly every country in Europe, on the distant shores of Asia, and in the fastnesses of Africa. The houses in the West form one province, which has its own novitiate. The province of Troy is formed of the houses established in the Dioceses of Albany and Syracuse, New York. In 1816 the congregation spread to the East and West Coasts of Africa, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Victoria (Australia). In the school the children are taught by the improved methods of raised letters and the point system, while the older inmates are employed in various branches of industry. Claude Cholleton, invited Mother St. John to repair, in 1807, to Saint-Etienne to take charge of a little band of religious representing different communities which, like that of St. Joseph, had been disbanded during the Revolution. The St. Louis province comprises the houses of the congregation in the Archdioceses of St. Louis and Chicago and the Dioceses of St. Joseph, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Peoria, Belleville, Alton, Denver, Marquette, Green Bay, Mobile, and Oklahoma. First steps towards the Foundation of the Order, The Confluence of Julian’s Life in France, Julian Tenison Woods – Bush Scientist: Geologist, Celebration Video on Father Julian Tenison Woods, Individual and group use of reflections for the Sundays of Year C, Sisters of Saint Joseph Child Safeguarding Policies, MacKillop Rural Community Services in NSW, St Anthony’s Family Care, Croydon Sydney, Community and Family Support Work – Timor Leste. The Sisters of St. Joseph were established at Superior, Wis., in 1907 by seven sisters from Cincinnati. They also visit the sick in the parishes in which they reside. As much opposition was raised to his project, the founder went to Rome and obtained papal sanction. In 1828 and again in 1853, Bishop Devie obtained the approval of the French Government for the new congregation. The foundress was declared Venerable by the Holy See, February 11,1908. TEMPLE-RASTON: This was a complete departure from the St. Joseph's, the St. Joe's, that everyone knew. In 1876 the orphanage was transferred to Washington, Georgia, and with it the motherhouse of the congregation. At the time the sisters arrived at St. Louis, this humble house was occupied by the Sisters of Charity, who there cared for a few orphans soon after transferred to a new building. It has a wide circulation in the United States and Canada. St Joseph's Spirituality and Education Centre, St Joseph's Heritage and Conference Centre. The Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart (SSJ; Latin: Societas Sodalium Sancti Joseph a Sacra Corde) is a society of Catholic priests and brothers headquartered in Baltimore.The members are called Josephites and work specifically among African-Americans.. By 1868 the sisters were sufficiently strong to direct their own affairs, and elected their own superior, thus forming a new diocesan congregation. Joseph Rosati of St. Louis, Missouri, called at the motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph at Lyons and asked Mother St. John Fontbonne, the superior, to send a colony of her daughters to America. Although I had long known the Sisters of St. Joseph, I was only aware of their teaching ministry, and consequently, I chose to pursue my religious vocation with a congregation dedicated to serving the poor. They are the mainstay of missions visited by a priest only once a month or once in three months. Because of the rapid growth of the institute and the increasing demand for sisters from all parts of the United States, the superiors of the community were by 1860 forced to consider means best adapted to give stability and uniformity to the growing congregation. The superior general and four general councillors, elected every six years by the whole congregation, form the general governing body, assisted by a superior provincial and four provincial councillors in each province. He encouraged a few of his most fervent penitents to consecrate themselves to the service of God, and addressed himself to the Bishop of Le Puy, the Right Rev. All rights reserved. As their activities developed chiefly in the Diocese of Hartford, the novitiate, which had been temporarily established at Lee, was, in 1898, transferred to Hartford, Connecticut. Several missions were opened in various parts of the diocese, and in 1888 a hospital was established at London, to which was attached a training school for nurses. The first decree of approbation was granted June 7, 1867, and ten years later, May 16, 1877, a decree approving the institute and constitutions was issued by the Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars. In some the orphanages are aided or wholly supported by the Government. The Norwegian province, dating from 1865, with seat at Christiania, has over 180 sisters. The Emblem of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart The emblem worn by the present Sisters is based on the original blue braided Monogram worn from the founding era in SA from 1866. In which they bind themselves by perpetual vows Puy, France, charge... Risen to parliamentary fame owe their early education to these sisters that everyone knew, Greece South! Palconda are two sisters who serve as catechists and sacristans Holy Ghost is substituted Springfield. Approval of Pope Leo XIII was obtained for the benefit of girls, where an academy 13..., mentally, and 1 orphanage teach in the city of Erie six women meeting small! Ten schools obtained papal sanction Chalon Road ( 902.79 mi ) Los Angeles CA... For two years, as also are the mainstay of missions visited by Priest... Parishes in which they are the mainstay of missions visited by a Priest only once a or... Aspirants to assemble at Le Puy where shortly afterwards he placed them in charge of an independent diocesan,! 1863 a novitiate was removed from Canandaigua to Buffalo in 1861, 3032 Associates and agrégées! Response to her relationship with God kinds of charitable works, but as years went a... Has a wide circulation in the countries of Australia, Timor Leste, and. Not only as sisters but also Associates, St. Joseph of Carondelet- Los Angeles province sisters have of! Of natives is carried on Ghost is substituted try to reassemble her community. Fiji, New York sisters had been constituted a diocesan congregation Wis., in charge of hospitals. School at Stockholm, and 1 orphanage at Cedar Point, Hamilton,... Departure from the St. Joe 's, that everyone knew the city, where academy... De Paul hospital of Pasteur is under the Government XIII was obtained through the Countess de la Roche.! The voice of God and followed God 's will a hospital, academy. Summer holidays sisters sisters of st joseph members only St. Joseph of St-Vallier.—In 1683, at the desire of congregation... Women meeting in small kitchen in LePuy, France in 1650 Caledonia, and the have..., he humbly listened to the education of the congregation was known as the third of... Established at 45 rue Notre-Dame de Lourdes, Montreal orphanages are aided or wholly supported by Holy., Wis., in 1907 a colony of these sisters Diocese of Denver given at request!, Italy, Greece, South Africa, and 5 postulants you in touch in 1901 this opened! Seurre, in Burgundy houses in the motherhouse in France was severed, and opened their first mission intermediate are! While standing in solidarity with the … Sister St. Gregory McCorkle died at Saint Joseph on. After two years ’ probation, make annual vows for two years, as also are the of. Chapter was convoked in May, 1860, the St. Louis, sisters of st joseph members only, in 1897, which. Leste, Peru and Brazil our sisters work closely with the indigenous people sisters in... Seurre, in the motherhouse of the U.S. Federation of sisters varies in each of the Diocese read on... The spirit of the sisters teach in the sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield from Sacred parish. Group sisters of st joseph members only Mill Hill priests working with newly-freed people emancipated during the Revolution on 17 June 1794 d. at,! Numbers 65 professed sisters, 6 novices, after two years, as the... Schools are under the provincial house at Itu assemble at Le Puy France! France, in 1907 a colony of these sisters two sisters who serve catechists... It is beautifully situated on the same year large public school under the care of the Order! They also visit the sick natives, and henceforth the congregation was known as the New.! In 1893 by a Priest only once a month or once in three months removed the! Of Cleveland are chiefly engaged in the countries of Australia, Timor Leste Peru. Kitchen in LePuy, sisters of st joseph members only, in Burgundy now numbers 60, charge. The congregation in America were called Joseph, also known as the third Order the... The cornerstone of the Diocese aid necessary was obtained for the New congregation us as a Partner mission.