These are the ones that are in some way or the other, related to the agricultural products such as the sugar industry, cotton, tobacco and the list is never ending. The rubber tree and the oil-palm in Malaysia bring millions of dollars every year. The agricultural industry is a key one in the development of any nation, it is the central industry of every developing nation as history shows, and almost all the developed nations today grew on the back of a solid agricultural industry. Provision of Surplus: The progress in agricultural sector provides surplus for increasing the exports … Agriculture is known as the backbone of the developing countries. All these industries have extreme importance in the modern lives as well, and these cannot survive without an agricultural base. Essay On Impact Of Agriculture On Agriculture. Agriculture in itself is a significant sector, and apart from being the main sector, this has given rise to several other industries, which are commonly known as the agro-based industries. Agriculture is sometimes thought of as farming, but agriculture is actually much more than just farming. Measures need to be taken to overcome the loss due to heavy or inadequate rainfall so that the farmers can live a happy life. Agriculture is an important sector to the country’s economic development. It is present in the country for thousands of years. This ratio is enough to say that India is highly dependent on its agriculture as a huge amount of land is used for it. We see on the news violent protests by people whose nations are suffering food shortages and wonder……. Better the agriculture, higher will be the growth of the nation. Before publishing your Essay on this site, please read the following pages: 1. A developed agricultural sector can directly employ a large number of people, the art of agriculture has tremendously developed today, indirectly it creates more jobs for more people by supplying industries with the necessary raw materials they need for production. Development of the nation depends on the backbone of the solid agricultural industry. In fact, it always comes first during the development of the economy of a country as a whole. Essay on the Importance of Land in Agriculture! This enforces international trade which is highly useful to the country. Without restaurants, grocery stores, or convenience stores. Proteins are useful to build our body. Steps and measures should be taken to improve agriculture ways thus making it a powerful sector to trade for. Content Guidelines 2. Agriculture produces vegetables, proteins, and oils. The National FFA is one of the largest youth-led organizations in the United States. Also technology must be both affordable by, and geared to the needs of the poor and under nourished people. This includes India as well where agriculture is the prime source of income for several families. Essay # 2. Abdullah strongly believed that this industry can generate wealth and reduce poverty particularly among those from rural areas. In India, for example, as per the Census 2011 data, almost around 56.6% of the total workers of India are working in this domain along with some other related activities. This reduces the problem to a large extent and proves beneficial in the growth of the nation too. Our agriculture is important to the survival of our country. Agriculture is not only the major sector of the country but a powerful one as well. What Are The Benefits Of An Accountability Partner? Agriculture does not only develop every place it has implanted but also give additional knowledge and provide a better technology. Although agricultural productivity is vital but environmental protection is equally important. Serve as a source of food for its citizens – The agriculture provides food items to the country which helps to prevent buying the same from countries. For example, the major population of India is working as farmers accounting for around 16% of the total GDP. Agriculture is the world's most important industry. For example, in India itself in the year 2013, agricultural exports resulted to a total of around 39 billion dollars that is not a very small amount given the economic picture of India. Agricultural plays a crucial role in rural development as it helps eradicate hunger and poverty. In some countries, agriculture is a main source of wealth. When it comes to the occupation part, agriculture is undeniably one of the major sectors through which many people are gaining their livelihood. Without agriculture, one can never imagine having a filled stomach that will, in turn, give the energy to keep going all day along. Essay On Importance Of Agriculture 2273 Words 10 Pages Agriculture has long been important to Malaysia development because this country has humid equatorial environment, one in which temperatures rarely fall below 20ᵒC and where annual rainfall ranges from 2000 to 3000 mm. Therefore, agriculture has to continue consistently in order to ensure that these allied sectors keep running as well. Without agriculture, our country would be starving and our economy would plummet dramatically. World’s Largest Collection of Essays! I like this so much in fact it is so fantastic! The carbohydrates provide all living beings with energy. Agriculture is one of the oldest activities known to humankind. In fact, over 70% of … Plants and animals, the backbone of agriculture have been a part of the human experience since the beginning of our time on earth, it is held that our earliest ancestors lived as nomads, but as their population grew, providing everyone with food became increasingly difficult and their movement slowed by the growing group, they chose to settle … One of the major thrusts of the Malaysian economic development since her Independence in 1957 has been and continues to be the rural development programmes. Illinois State University. Over the years it has developed and the use of new technologies and equipment replaced almost all the traditional methods of farming. The rural sector plays a pivotal role in the cou… In fact, this is the most primary or basic need fulfillment that agriculture provides to the human beings by producing some of an essential nutritious product like rice, wheat, potato, onion, tomato, mangoes, sugarcane, beans, cotton, so on and so forth. It is very clear that agriculture has a big impact on living standard of the people which in turn affects the overall development and progress of the nation. It is very important for every person today. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Importance of Female Education The word education means- a process of teaching, training, and learning especially in schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. Agriculture Essay Agriculture is known to be one of the most significant economic activities. What is the Importance of Studying Macroeconomics? Agricultural sector plays a strategic role in the process of economic development of a country. This is more dominant in developing countries like India, where almost 60% of the total land can be utilized for agriculture because India has a very fertile land overall. The Importance Of Agricultural Education Why our children need to be taught about the agriculture industry. Provides livelihood to the people – In order to satisfy the wants of the country, agriculture needs to very powerful. All the food substances that are essential viz. The most important aspect of agriculture for us today carries on as it did with our ancient ancestors who began this practice, to provide food for the people. Plants and animals, the backbone of agriculture have been a part of the human experience since the beginning of our time on earth, it is held that our earliest ancestors lived as nomads, but as their population grew, providing everyone with food became increasingly difficult and their movement slowed by the growing group, they chose to settle and the earliest societies were formed. Although the advent of technology has led to a new sphere of the industry altogether, yet, the importance of agriculture remains today as well. Agriculture is important as a source of livelihood, without it, our existence will … Required fields are marked *. Article Shared By. It is quite evident that agriculture stands as the backbone of any country and globally, the importance of farming is simply enormous. Agriculture was an important influence in the creation of trade and money …….the backbone of civilization today. However, there are some differences in its presence based on the type of economy. plants, animals, soil, climate, seasons and more. It provides us with all our food. Article shared by. Sources of livelihood. Importance of agriculture in the Food supply Carbohydrates. We are able to control and care for the food we eat and ensure it is properly cultivated and non lethal. Welcome to! Privacy Policy3. It is the most important jewelry of the human today. “Human dominance over other forms of life on the planet” took place after the Agricultural Revolution. Agriculture is the major employer of labour in Nigeria. Agriculture includes dairy, fruit cultivation, forestry, harvesting of honey, and much more! Agriculture is the science of cultivating crops and rearing animals for the benefit of man and also includes other processes such as processing, storage and marketing of agricultural produce. Imagine children lying in the middle of the streets because they’ve gone days, even weeks without eating anything. It is more like a ‘way of life’ than a ‘mode of business.’. Following points can summarize the complete picture of agriculture in today’s perspective: Agriculture is first and foremost, the primary source of food for all the domestic households of any country. Essay on the role of technology in agriculture. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. Therefore, undoubtedly agriculture’s fundamental need is to ensure that the vital necessity of food and nutrition reaches to all the sections of the society. Last but not the least, agriculture has a noteworthy effect on any country’s economy. Essay on Importance of Agriculture in India Category: Essays and Paragraphs On November 1, 2018 By Teamwork Agriculture is the activity which uses land and other resources for the production of food in the form of plants, food grains and rearing animals. Agricultural produces after getting spread to the people of the country are also exported to other countries which are lacking in some products and turn, a considerable amount of income is also gained. About … Share Your is the home of thousands of essays published by experts like you! So when it comes to the economic development, many countries rely on it. Agriculture was created by these our early ancestors as the means of providing for themselves, the main thing they could not do as nomads. May 31, 2016. There is no doubt that India is an agricultural country. It involves the production of plants, livestock, fiber, fuel and more by utilizing natural resources such as water and land. It has already made a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of advanced countries and its role in the economic development of less developed countries is of vital importance. Agriculture is also important for export purposes as well. Promotes favorable soil properties: Agroforestry assists in maintenance of organic matter that helps farmer to maintain favorable soil physical properties in comparison to agriculture. Agriculture is important because our farmers actually get things done. 500+ Words Essay on Agriculture Agriculture is one of the major sectors of the Indian economy. This is because the developed countries are far more sophisticated regarding agricultural technology than the developing countries. Disclaimer Copyright. Agriculture itself is a science, but science has influenced agriculture as much as agriculture has influenced science. Various schemes should be integrated for the betterment of the farmers along with guiding them on the new ways of farming. Where farm mechanization and other technological advancements such as Green Revolution in India have brought a radical transformation in the overall scenario of agriculture of the world, the effect is still not uniform in all parts of the world. Unskilled laborers and daily wage workers are solely dependent on agriculture as some crops, or the other are being reared that brings in some amount of money to the households. Moreover, the population is also comparatively lower than the developing countries like India. Our daily needs such as food, clothing, medicine, and even the paper this article was printed on require agriculture. Your email address will not be published. This can be possible if there is a surplus supply of the agriculture food items which are of great importance in the international market. The term agriculture is broader than it is commonly anticipated to be. Reduce capital shortage – This is one sector which requires the least amount of money for its development and that is why it puts an end to the problem of capital shortage.  There are many countries which face this situation and that is why a huge amount of money on wasted on the development of different sectors and do not account much to the GDP. No one can deny its importance in our daily lives for it has transformed mankind continually from time to time. Foreign exchange is yet another concept which comes into play here and has a huge effect on the overall growth of the country. Thus you can say that agriculture accounts for the national income and is an important sector to ponder over. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. Its importance cannot be denied as it accounts to the high GDP. Without agriculture, we would all be forced to scavenge for food, rather than buying it from the grocery store. In India about 70% of the total population depends on the agriculture and is one of the sources of livelihood for the people especially in the rural areas. How agriculture is entwined in the lives of the human beings? Land is to be considered the most important aspect of production, especially agricultural production. So a sense of security can be developed as the country can be rest assured that they can accomplish the needs of the citizens. The surplus stock can then be traded thereby getting more profits. The impact of agriculture on the country’s growth is definitely quite high and that is why efforts need to be made to improve it. So agriculture is the main source of food supply. Would it be possible to maintain law and order? Offers food security – The people of the country require food in order to fulfill their requirements and if the agriculture is good, it easily helps to satisfy their wants rather than taking it from other countries. But with agriculture, you can invest a small amount and reap fruits of benefits. Agriculture, as we all know, is the backbone of any country. Especially for the poor people of an economy, agriculture is a crucial means of winning bread. For many nations agriculture has been the basis of development , it is the same today, every nation wishing to develop must develop a chain of interdependent and sustainable industries, the agricultural industry is the back bone of them all. Carbohydrates supply energy to all the humans and animals—the grains like wheat, rice, barley, potatoes... Proteins. Importance to international trade – There are many products which are outsourced to other countries thereby getting a higher price. Various schemes should be integrated for the betterment of the farmers along with guiding them on the new ways of farming. how would we live if agriculture was not. Source of Livelihood: In India the main occupation of our working population is agriculture. Contributes towards the national income – As already stated above that agriculture is definitely one of the biggest sectors accounting to the high GDP and many countries depend on it. Without today’s farmers, we wouldn’t have food. Importance Of Agriculture In The Philippines 1067 Words 5 Pages Chapter II Despite of being considered as a newly industrialized country, Philippines still recognizes the importance of the agricultural sector which employs 31% of the 39 million-person labor force, placing the sector as the second biggest employment contributor in the country. The impact of agriculture on the country’s growth is definitely quite high and that is why efforts need to be made to improve it. For any economy, trading brings in a certain amount of revenue that adds to the prosperity of the nation. Agriculture involves cultivation of land for food. Through agriculture we have learnt so much about our environment…. It also supplies materials for two other basic needs, clothing and shelter. Essay on the Importance of Agriculture. Practices for Organic Farming:. importance of solar energy in our daily life. So it is very clear that agriculture is of great importance not only to the people but in the country as a whole. Would our ‘mighty’ societies exist at all? This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Exporting/trading excess agricultural produce has been a crucial part of almost very economy in the world; today some developing nations depend on agriculture for over 50% of their annual revenue. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Moreover, the contribution of agriculture to the total gross domestic product of India is around 16%, and that to exports is around 10%. An economy of a country grows due to the development in various sectors, and one of the most prominent sectors, which is responsible for a significant growth of the economy is agriculture. It is better if the country does farming in most of the staple food products. However, agriculture as a whole has some common areas of impact in almost every economy in the world although the same is more prevalent in the developing economies. (Strayer 37) The Agricultural Revolution was very important because of how “forests and grasslands became cultivated fields and grazing lands.” (Strayer 37) The life of a … The Impact of Agriculture on Biodiversity Abstract: Introduction: In recent years there is an increasing awareness that biodiversity is essential to agriculture and security of food, and it is an important factor in environmental conservation, however, the agriculture development might threaten biodiversity. 3 in every 4 people in developing countries live in the countryside. Agriculture sector growth is the backbone of civilization and the importance of agriculture is booming day by day in every sector. ... Related Papers. Thank you so much it is very helpful to me, It is really very helpful to me …thank you very much 😊. In addition, agriculture provides materials used in making many industrial products such as paints and medicines. There are both male and female people in any family, society and nation. Agriculture has provided materials and direction for many researchers, in turn researchers have discovered vital information about agriculture that have changed the scale and output of agriculture such as the invention of farming technology for mass production, the invention of pesticides and enriched fertilizers and more. Published by Experts, Free Essay on Science – A Blessing or a Curse for Kids, Various Phases of National Flood Control Policy of India – Essay, Essay on Leadership: Introduction, Functions, Types, Features and Importance. It is important to improve agriculture sector because it create job opportunities for its citizens. Importance of Agriculture Informative Speech . 7066 Amanda Diesburg If I had a dollar for every time I have overheard someone mistake all of that dent corn growing in fields for sweet corn I would be a little richer. The farmers are toiling hard day and night to make sure that these produces reach the households and they can feed themselves as well as their families to have a healthier living. Source of Livelihood: Many people spend their lives engaging in agriculture.They include farmers, … get custom paper. Imagine a world without food. Organic Agriculture aims at the development of viable and sustainable agriculture. importance of agriculture. There is no doubt that agriculture plays a crucial role in the overall growth of any country and so it is necessary to ensure its development. Majority of them depend on agriculture directly or indirectly in order to survive. Home — Essay Samples — Sociology — Race and Agriculture — A Look at the Importance of Agriculture in the Community This essay has been submitted by a student. Sources of Revenue: Land revenue, excise duty on agro-based goods, taxes on production and … Amanda Diesburg. The agricultural sector is essential in the economic development and … Agriculture represents a very important development in human history, considering the benefits agriculture and its products have brought us since then, it is arguable that we would have developed to this stage without our involvement in and development of agriculture. Publish your original essays now. SCOPE AND IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE IN INDIA AND TAMILNADU With a 16% contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP), agriculture still provides The sector provides employment to 58% of country's work force and is the single largest private livelihood support to about two-thirds of country's population. Agricultural Education is far more important than just an elective curriculum. TOS4. They are supplied as grams and other leguminous products obtained... Oils and fats. Food is a very important part of our societies, it is a basic need of every living thing, agriculture is particularly important because it is our main source of food supply. Hence, the spread and application of technology along with these reasons have a cumulative effect on the agricultural sector of a country, and that will, in turn, lead to economic development of that particular country. Get Your Custom Essay on The importance of agriculture just from $13,9 / page. Source of Livelihood. In this way, it results in a more enclosed nutrient cycling as compared to agriculture. In Bangladesh, the jute plant is the main source of wealth. Importance of agriculture in the Food supply Agriculture is the world’s leading source of food items. definitely aced my exam yesterdae bcz of yall thank ue .. It accounts for between 30 to 60 percent of the total GDP and employs about 70 percent of the total workers. It was one of the highlighted issues during Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s as Malaysia’s Prime Minister. This ratio is quite high to say that the non-development is one of the biggest reasons as for why such a huge sector is involved in agriculture. Most of them are farmers and have no option than to do farming and contribute towards the country’s requirements of food. Helps in economic development – It helps in improving the economic conditions of the country thereby affecting the economic growth by leaps and bounds. Special attention should be given to this sector so that farmers use the latest technology for agriculture that results in higher yield. When enough is produced for the people it provides a strong and healthy human resource needed to work farms and create more products, eventually the supply becomes more than the demand and trade was created. 6 Tips to Transform the Process of Video Editing Using Artificial Intelligence, The Most Popular Content Categories In YouTube And Here’s Why You Should Know About It. Women, especially play an important role in the production, processing and commercialization of food.