Mounting of Flexion or Shear Beam load cell: For flexing or shear beam load cell considerations must be made for mounting of the load cell by compression. A mounting accessory is available that performs the function of absorbing the lateral thrusts, shocks and vibrations. Gas Turbine Engine/Rocket: High accuracy measurements of the volumetric flow of gas through the pipeline. ... 3 or 4 double-ended shear beam load cells; 25' of B-TEK load cell cable; DETM Literature. Our balances are OIML -certified for use in commercial transactions and ATEX/IECEx -certified for … Perfect for mechanical conversions and new installations. Types of load cell mountings: In addition to typical installations of hydraulic, pneumatic, and strain gage types of load cells, OMEGA customers often ask about bending beam load cells, shear beams, canister type, ring and pancake load cells, and button and washer type load cell mounting. When the load cell is not installed properly, there are several types of forces that can affect its accuracy: Angular loading occurs when a force that is not perfectly vertical is applied to a load cell. Shear beam load cells are particularly suitable for all medium capacity weighing applications. B Dimensions Load cell model 9GPS4500 stainless steel Easy mounting shear-beam, Range 0.5 to 30 t All dimensions in mm (in) 1 Force direction 2 Cable length (CL): see table below Figure 1: Dimensions, easy mounting shear-beam We have a strong presence on social media, follow us on your favourite channels to stay up-to-date on news and events of LAUMAS’ world. It can be caused by structural deflection, system dynamics or misalignment. Shear Beam Load Cells are designed for low profile scales and process applications. The load cell itself is … They can be used to construct multi-sensor scales, for weighing tanks, or for onboard weighing on vehicles. Shear pins are available in any capacity (custom) 150% safe overload (standard but customizable) 300% ultimate overload (standard but customizable) Pin load is accurate to 0.5% to 1% of full scale (varies by application) Shear beam load cells in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. These load cells meet weighing needs in all sectors where goods are produced or processed. Consult our maps and contact us to find out which dealers are closest to you. Shear as a measuring principle offers a good resistance against side loads and small sensitivity to the variation of loading position. Specifications. 4 9QGPS4500 SHEAR BEAM LOAD CELL | DS/9QGPS4500-EN REV. The single ended shear beam is designed for low profile scale and process applications. K041FK is designed to be used with KA series 2500 and 5000kg shear beam load cells. The larger shear beam cells have more than two mounting holes to accommodate extra bolts to keep the hardware from stretching under stress load. In this design, the elastic element of spring material has a reduced cross section where the strain gauges are bonded. MKHT2 Load cell Mounting Kit Bearing load cell Mounting Kit Antivibrating Pad Mounting Kits DIGITAL WEIGHT INDICATOR - WEIGHT TRANSMITTER ... Low Profile Shear Beam Single Ended Load Cells, Robust Designed DETAILS. 27000 kg. This website or its third party tools use cookies. These self-checking shear beam stands are available in mild or stainless steel and include lower load cell mounting plate, upper mounting plate, hardened steel load button, bolts and lock washers for securing load cell to stand. They can be mounted at the corners of weighing platforms or for weighing tanks. Torsional loading occurs when a side force twists a load cell. By closing this banner or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. A maximum of.062”(1.57mm) clearance is recommended to allow the top mount to float in a mobile application. Max static load . Hardy OneMount Load Points OneMount HI ONELP Load Points with Advantage Lite HI SB05 Shear Beam Sensors. By either mounting on the ends and loading in the center or mounting in the center and loading on the ends, the result is often a more efficient support structure. In connection with the resolution of 15.000, the usage in legal for trade scales is possible, the load cell provides the accuracy class C3 according to OIML R60. Use the search filters to find the one that best suits your needs. These load cells use the concept of the “I”-profile shear beam described above. Capacity (Model SCBD75): 34,000 kg / 75,000 lb Capacity (Model SCBD100): 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb Cell Type: Digital double-ended shear beam Potting: Completely encapsulated and filled with a potting compound to fill all internal voids and prevent any potential for moisture entering the load cell and causing premature failure Rated Output: Cardinal digital output Mounted with the belonging SIWAREX mounting unit the installation height up to 2t is only 76mm (3") and for 5t only 111mm (4,4"). Hardy now offers Dummy load cells for the SBH04 and the SB05 sensors that have the same mounting and load introduction characteristics as the cell it replaces. We have dedicated, purpose-designed mounting accessories, as well some very unique and patented weighing assemblies for hopper, tank and silo weighing. 2000 kg. This problem can be caused by thermal expansion. Majority of load cells are also available with ATEX and PESO hazardous area approval (as option), with certification for use in gas zone 2 and dust zones 20, 21, 22 without safety barriers. Ezee mount load cell. Shear strains do not vary when the load application point moves within a certain range. Side and end loading can be caused by thermal expansion, by misalignment, or by movement due to dynamic loading. LAUMAS is present in over ninety countries around the world through a dense network of dealers. The rotor blades pass a pickup coil, generating an electrical signal pulse. These load cells should be mounted on a smooth flat surface using high strength hardened bolts. However, secondary effects can impact the measurement result. Some versions have a very high output allowing us to achieve the smallest designs possible for fatigue applications. Bending beam cells measure the amount of bending distortion that occurs while shear beam cells measure the shear distortion. Load Cells ANYLOAD has a comprehensive variety of standard load cells including: single ended shear beam, double ended shear beam, s-beam (s type), single point, canister and disk load cell, planar, load pin, load button and tension link. The Mounting CMX-355 is a complete mounting arrangement for the load cell 355. Torque however influences the measuring result. 200 kg. Join the world’s largest weighing community. Available capacities range from 2,500 to 20,000 lbs. Two mounting assemblies are available to suit the OSB series of shear beam load cells: • The Vessel Mount - for static applications. 500 kg. The turbine rotor turns the rotor blades by gas flow into the meter, measuring gas velocity. Mounting kits for load cells For all load cells, LAUMAS is able to provide suitable weigh modules, Read More. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, it is ideally suited to applications in the food and chemical industries as well as outdoors. One end of the shear beam contains the mounting holes, while the other end is where the load is applied. Contact Hardy today to determine which Shear Beam Load Point is ideal for your application. Total volumetric flow is recorded by the number of pulses. Bending or shear beam load cells are suitable for weighing applications of medium or large capacity. The shear beam capacities are from 100kg to 50t. Some other more advanced types of load cell installations for specific uses include helical, fiber optic, and piezo-resistive types of load … 5000 kg. Low capacity shear load cells are difficult to produce, because they require a very thin web to obtain the necessary strain levels. To get accurate weight readings, you must carefully control how and where weight is applied. Available in Alloy Steel Load Cell with Mild Steel Mount, Stainless Steel Welded Load Cell with Mild Steel Mount, or Stainless Steel Welded Load Cell with Stainless Mount. Expression of flow rate is measured in actual cubic f… The Hardy OneMount™with Advantage® Lite shear beams are specifically built to save customers time and money during installation, calibration, and maintenance. The shear is measured close to the neutral line of the load cell, what reduces the effects of transverse forces. Custom designed. Shear pin load cells. DIM “G”: Clearance of load end mounting bolt = 0.062”(1.57mm). Product Code: 915-4401. Single-Ended Shear Beam. Shear beam load cells offer excellent stability in the case of lateral forces. The CG-16M is designed for use in medium to heavy capacity tanks, hoppers, and bin scales. Shear beam load cells are particularly suitable for all medium capacity weighing applications. At the core of our shear beam load cell range is the use of stainless steel, combined with modern sealing compounds providing durability for most applications.