The rear suspension is, as they say “rigid” – there’s no independent suspension at the back. Pictured below is a vintage new in box kit of the Hornet. At the time, my only R/C experiences had been Tandy/Radio Shack type models that would trundle around nice enough, but seeing this thing called a “Hornet” introduced me to a new level of excitement. Undo the screw holding the white servo horn. Make sure the transmitter steering is centred (including the steering trim lever). Tamiya The Hornet - Rakennussarja. View in shop. A quick note about Tamiya’s re-released models… like many classic Tamiya models, The Hornet has actually been re-released in altered form in recent years. You can still find vintage Hornets on eBay and it is one of the cars that has been rereleased so you can buy a brand new one too. À votre écoute au 04 77 21 13 67; Présentation. Perhaps it was the fact that my parents could never really afford to buy a Tamiya during the 1980s, but for whatever reason I developed something of a reverence for the Hornet – and indeed all Tamiyas. This just added to the car’s character and even little things – like the positioning of the bonnet number “7″ off a bit to one side – are just little touches to add a bit more individuality. Tamiya Paire de Jantes Av Hornet 0555066. With front independent suspension using a friction damper, and rolling rigid rear suspension with oil filled dampers, plus a lightweight polycarbonate body, this aggressive vehicle is aptly named. Yes, the re-releases have certainly stirred the market up, and many are happy to have the 80% similar version. But unlike Youtube where nobody has the videos very organized… below is an attempt to catalogue the two distinct ones that exist. And this does have a flow-on effect for genuine original collectors too, causing original items to dip in price a bit and become more affordable – so always check prices of originals too, you may occasionally be surprised. HC-0005127 £ 6.26. Store. For many, these are no issue. My son had a BLAST playing with it. Thanks for your comment Mark 🙂 I don’t think I’m being harsh on the reissues by saying I personally don’t care for them. Equipped with that polycarbonate body, tough bathtub type chassis, and big flexible front bumper, the car is as tough as they say. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Position the horn back on the servo in a centred/upright position allowing for it to turn left and right. The Hornet is now a cornerstone model for any collector of vintage Tamiya R/C cars. The Hornet stands as one of Tamiya's most popular R/C cars ever released, helping launch a 2WD R/C buggy boom worldwide. I remember subscribing to “RC Car Action” magazine as a kid and spending all of my money upgrading my stuff. In Stock. It’s a 1/10 scale 2WD utilising a bathtub chassis, to which everything else connects. And many collectors today remember seeing them playing in stores, in their youth. shipping cost. Price . As always, restoration of an original with original spare parts, is the most satisfying project if you really want to relive this classic as it was. The metal molds were produced from plans which had the concept of being "easy to understand and build, even for beginners". Moderators: scr8p, klavy69, shodog. As with all Tamiya models released back in the 1980s, the Hornet’s arrival was accompanied by some official promotional videos that were given (on VHS tape) to many hobby shops to be played all day, and help promote the products. The car was being launched off a ramp near the back verandah, at full speed, and landing a couple of metres away, at which point it would either flip over or continue to blast dust and dirt as it regained it’s foothold. I still have it, and it has had an absolute caning; along with my FRP chassis TA-02, I now have kids of my own, and my eldest just got a Mad Bull. And it’s also something that no other R/C model manufacturer was ever quite able to replicate. The videos would typically be a showreel of all the models in Tamiya’s range. But it became the vehicle that opened up my world to Tamiya R/C cars. Also without the re-re’s I wouldn’t have been able to restore my monster beetle et al…….. The Hornet Junior (Japanese: ホーネットJr., Hōnetto Junia) is a Racing Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on May 15, 1986. Categories: Electric Off Road, Tamiya, Tamiya Kits, Tamiya Kits. My first was the Wild Willy and I remember my dad mostly putting that together himself, I helped a little bit. The Hornet stands as one of Tamiya's most popular R/C cars ever released, helping launch a 2WD R/C buggy boom worldwide. But somehow, Tamiya’s designers managed to incorporate subtle references beyond merely the name, and developed this car to remind you of a Hornet insect in a few different ways. Expect to fight other collectors to get hold of a really good condition original example. A product of 1985 thinking. I have a very roughed-up original and just bought a rerelease yesterday. Among them, the Hornet was the 45th model to … tamiya, inc. jp eng. Featuring excellent performance on both dirt and on-road tracks, this awesome buggy can take on … So let’s say a “bit of plastic” sells for $150 under bidding, and someone else lists an identical one for buy-it-now for $150 (or thereabouts). Or how about the action figure community, where the complete original series of “12 back” Star Wars figures is worth upwards of $30,000? Things are only worth what people are prepared to pay. Much as if say, Pink Floyd re-recorded “Dark Side of the Moon” this year and it was being played on the radio again – would we consider the new mix as important as the original release? I wasn’t sure I even had the old one still but found it and am going to get that working as well. The kit shown here is a “late vintage” Hornet, in a nice condition box with all parts complete inside. Came in two box styles. $4.49 shipping. Price: $172.36 & FREE Shipping: Brand: TAMIYA: Material: PP: Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12 x 12 x 5 inches: Item Weight: 874 Grams: About this item The leader in hobby products around the world Made using the highest quality components and materials Test for durability and safety New (6) from $172.36 + FREE Shipping. Quick view Compare Add to My Wish List. This was the genius of Tamiya’s design work during the “character car” era. The revolutionary 1984 2WD off-road buggy is back and more fun than ever before! ), and blister boxes with lots of little labeled items. The Hornet is of course based on the Hornet insect, most likely the European Hornet with it’s black and yellow body colouring. R/C Toy Memories is a nostalgia blog run by a long-time collector. Pickup only. Greedy parts sellers are charging extortionate amounts for essentially bits of plastic, I say long live Tamiya and any re-re that comes out!, it’s all good baby! after running both cars one after the other I still prefer the original car And combine that with the fact that it was available for 8 years from 1984-1992, and there’s no doubt it had an incredible sales run. Surely there’s more satisfaction in owning a true original from the 1980s, than a reissue. Tamiya Hornet re-release review, 40th anniversary edition This is my first Tamiya. Each wheel comes in three-pieces, all joined together by little screws so they are quite elaborate. Rear wing. It feels more authentic when I burn my fingers on the resistors and struggle to fit all that extra wiring inside the chassis box 🙂 That’s what the Hotshot was. You would have. ), and blister boxes with lots of little labeled items. And yet despite these aesthetic considerations the car is still 100% functional and uncompromising as an R/C model. 8,20 € Paiement en 3X sans frais disponible. I’d love to see a post on the Bulldog if you ever do it. Among them, the Hornet was the 45th model to be released. The Hornet is of course based on the Hornet insect, most likely the European Hornet with it’s black and yellow body colouring. Original, unbuilt kits are the most highly sought-after of course, and are harder to track down. The Grasshopper/Hornet chassis platform with a gearbbox at the back and rigid rear-axle suspension was also such an economical, robust basis for a 2WD R/C buggy that it ended up being copied over the years by dozens of other R/C car makers (both hobby and toy-grade – the Tyco Turbo Hopper is just one example), and in fact the same basic philosophy can still be seen in many R/C toys you can purchase today. The revolutionary 1984 2WD off-road buggy is back and more fun than ever before! when you see all the original wires and the 3 step speed controllers that’s what makes the vintage Rc car great the old style not the esc that’s for new models cars on off/road like brushless motor cars also has brake Obviously there’s the black body covered in striking yellow-orange-red decals. Which may seem like a lot, but it’s barely more than the price tag back in the 1980s after you account for 20-30 years worth of inflation. I have never seen one in a store or in person other than mine in person even back in the day but it seems to have been relatively successful. Shockingly fast back then, certainly much faster than my Wild Willy. Even the headlights are way down the front – like a pair of eyes. It’s really the only video I have of me driving an RC car back then. Tamiya P Parts For 58071. The decals are pretty iconic too. After doing some more research over the years, I have found that Tamiya published several similar photos of the hornet – each slightly different (as you can see from the angle of the car, and the background colour), but featuring the same two example cars. Even the box art was consistent with this throughout the company. The remake Hornet with colour design by Jun Watanabe. And we Tamiya fans can’t really complain, you know 🙂 Collectors of first-edition books are paying tens of thousands to own the original editions of books like Harry Potter. Tamiya grasshopper (Vintage) with (vintage) Acoms radio gear.. Often they would copy Tamiya’s ideas, but they were never quite able to copy Tamiya’s eclectic and unusual inspirations – and pull them off. Yet the reissued Hornet kit can be found online for about $110. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old and my family had been invited to some kind of dinner party at a friend’s house. (I remember stacking the two servos in the tiny radio box was tedious on the Wild Willy, even for my dad) Ah, but the Hornet was simply awesome back then. A caricature style Hornet in pre-built form. For more on this, see: Rear shock absorber mounts may be snapped or have hairline fractures. It all comes together as one perfect package that somehow was incredibly enticing to children and adults around the world. In Stock. In the late 1980s I was given my first ever Tamiya – a Hornet of course – by my sister’s fiance, and it was in pretty poor shape at the time. I remember falling in love with it the first time I saw an advertisement in a magazine. Not too sure about levels of availability on vintage Parma option parts though, someone else will know. I still have that old Hornet to this day, and it’s now in the process of being restored. Mabuchi 540 motor with black, protruding plastic endbell, "B" Parts says "RCC Grasshopper" on the sprue, and has shallow support buttresses on the gearbox halves, Black Mechanical Speed Control with fuse attached, Box has Tamiya's address location as "Oshika, Shizuoka-City" (their earlier headquarters), Model number is written as "5845" (not "58045"), Cardboard kit divider carries illustrations of early models circa 1984, Black Mechanical Speed Control now has no fuse attached, Cardboard kit divider now carries illustrations of mid-1980s models. Throw in 3 RC10’s, a Marui Hunter and Mugen Bulldog and I had quite the collection when I was a kid. Yeah I was rapid for RC cars 25 to 30 years ago. Sometimes things are overpriced out there. We had our time?, these cars bring new fans to the hobby with new memories of their own, which as you know are pure magic? If you ever hear anyone complain that their Hornet broke or that this car was inherently weak, remember that there are fools in the world who will drive their R/C vehicles off the rooves of houses, or set them on fire. $650.30. The vast majority of Tamiya spares were pretty plentiful on eBay from 1998-2005 before any of the rereleases began. Product. I’ve always really loved Tamiya’s own descriptions of their vehicles, and here’s one of the official Hornet summaries….