Registration will also help you obtain more efficient warranty service in case there is a problem with your product during the limited warranty period. Need Help? Why Register? Where To Buy. GE Appliances (GEA) has discontinued their production of the GeoSpring™ heat pump water heater. Technical Support. Oil-Fired Unit Heater. The water heater has a part that has consistently failed, causing the heater to leak Freon (refrigerant coolant). Unit Ventilators. It means per the warranty for the water heater you purchased, for the number of years after installation that Reliance will replace the water heater at no charge if the tank leaks, or replace component parts if they malfunction. Style 2: GE 0902 2246884. Vertical Unit Ventilators. Summary of water heater warranty information for all Vaughn electric, indirect, solar water and gas fired water heaters Serial number styles/formats found are: Style 1: 1108903259 Style 2: GE 09022246884 Style 3: GENG 0601D13586 Style 4: RN0197147899. If you wish to continue, please click the following “Continue” button. Typical water heater warranty periods for a water heater installed for use by a single family are 6-years, 9-years, or 12-years. Through this on-line application you as a distributor or Service Provider can file your on-line warranty claims for service or water heaters without the submission of any paperwork unless proof of purchase is required on a unit. The leaks can develop while the product is both under warranty and outside the warranty period. The date of production/manufacture or age of GE® Water Heater(s) can be determined from the serial number. GE water heater age determination from serial number & sources of GE water heater manuals. For GE GeoSpring hybrid electric water heaters, it's 1-888-443-4394. GE Appliances is your home for the best kitchen appliances, home products, parts and accessories, and support. Find out all about it here.Also, how long is warranty on water heater? Infrared Products . The warranty is restricted to the water heater used in a single-family residence in the United States of America. Single Element 120 Volt Operation Residential 2 1/2 –20 Gallon. Also for: Ge series, Ge10p06sag, Ge02p06sag, Ge20p06sag, Ge06p06sag. Navien Resale Policy – Consumer purchases through the internet or other e-commerce channels shall void Navien’s warranty. Style 4: RN 0197 147899. Tankless water heaters have a typical life expectancy of more than 20 years. What size water heater is right for me; Parts Diagram; Warranty Registration; Applications; Where To Buy; Find An Installer; Contact us; Products; Support. Product Registration; Training; Where to buy; English. Cabinet Unit Heaters. Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters. B. Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) Controls. Contact Information . Register your new American Water Heater using the form below. Product Literature. Login not required. For product registration from the USA and Canada, please go to LIMITED RESIDENTIAL WATER HEATER WARRANTY (CONTINUED) ©–2/12—Printed in U.S.A. WHAT WILL WE DO TO CORRECT PROBLEM? AP12169-5 water heater pdf manual download. They had purchased the 50-gallon water heater on Oct. 17, 2003, and it came with a 12-year warranty. GE Appliances has informed NEEA that they will cease producing the GE GeoSpring heat pump water heater at the end of 2016. Discover Ariston's advanced technology electric water heater solutions for home, slim, multiposition, diverse capacities tank and tankless water heaters. Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. Warranty Registration. Bradford White has assumed the warranty responsibility for all qualifying GeoSpring™ water heaters and is fully qualified to provide excellent support and service to GeoSpring™ customers. 2020 All Rights Reserved. Electric Residential Water heaters Single and Double Element Models, Residential 20–120 Gallon. View and Download Rheem GE Series use and care manual online. Electric Tankless Water Heater Warranty Documents Current Product Warranties Bosch Tronic 6000C Bosch Tronic 5000C Bosch Tronic 5000C WH36 Bosch Tronic US3 / US6 / US7 / US9 / US12 Powerstream RP17PT / RP27PT Products covered WH36, WH17 and WH27 (on and after FD554) WH36, WH17 and WH27 (before FD554) WH36 US3 / US6 / US7 / US9 / US12 RP17PT / RP27PT Effective Date 2015/04 - … By Mail Eemax Inc. 400 Captain Neville Dr. Waterbury, CT 06705 By Phone (203) 267-7890 (800) 543-6163 By Fax (203) 267-7975. Style 3: GENG 0601 D135869. Resources. Ductless Mini-Split Ceiling Cassettes. However, you can also fill in the warranty form below and send it to us by clicking on ‘Submit’. This form is only applicable on products bought in the United Kingdom and Ireland. NOTICE: Contact your local plumber for warranty service. Your session has been inactive for a considerable time period. Warranty Registration. This warranty is reduced to one year if the water heater is used in a commercial, or industrial application, or if the water heater is used to supply more than one dwelling unit. GE water heaters are manufactured by Rheem and use their date coding system, which is that the third and fourth numbers (after several letters) in the serial number are the year of manufacture. Home > Technical Support > Warranty Registration. Contact Westinghouse Wate Heating for Electric, Gas and Tankless Water Heaters - Westinghouse Hot Water Heating The problems started after Tucker was told by GE to replace the water heater. Fish Type; Learning Center; Ask Tetra; Warranty Registration. A.O. Both tank and parts warranty apply if failure is due to manufacturing defect. Registering your product will serve as verification of your ownership value in the event of an insurance claim. For questions about applications, specifications, features, pricing—or a product demo—our Team is here to help. So the manufacturer’s data plate below indicates that the water heater was made in 2001. Contact Us. Smith © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Style 1: 1108 903259. GE Series water heater pdf manual download. Duct Furnaces. Your Rheem ® product was built to last – but even the best products can be affected by outside factors like environmental concerns, air or water conditions, and even issues in the manufacturing process. Below is an example of a water heater label, specifying the exact location of your water heater's serial number. What does a Reliance warranty mean to you? Radiant Heat. To obtain a replacement, you must … View and Download GE AP12169-5 use & care manual online. As of 2015, for GE indoor tankless waters, the service number is 1-888-468-9837. Provide a comparable replacement water heater of our manufacture, (or at our option repair) any unit which develops a leak in the steel tank within the tank warranty period. For warranty information on your water heater, please visit our warranty site. You can fill it out and send it to us. Help keep this site FREE to the public. State Water Heaters are covered under a limited warranty. Most manufacturers recommend you drain and flush a water heater annually to prevent deposits build up. Navien warranty information. Where I live, water heaters die young so a longer warranty makes sense across the board. Navien Blog. The warranty period of a water heater may be encoded in its model or serial number. Nutrition Water Care Filtration Aquarium Kits Replacement Filter Cartridges Lighting Decor and Accessories Aeration Parts Heaters GloFish ® Where to Buy Shipping and Returns TetraCare Warranty Registration. registration, the warranty period for the water heater shall then be deemed to have commenced thirty (30) days after the date of manufacture of the water heater and NOT the date of installation of the water heater. To claim the warranty for a GE water heater, call GE at the number listed in the product's owner's manual. Product Information. Support / / Warranty Information. Gain easier and faster assistance should you ever need technical support. This is, as a general rule, never done. MM/DD/YYYY MM/DD/YYYY Install In Residential Commercial Do you wish to continue? How to install; FAQ; What size water heater is right for me; Parts Diagram; Warranty Registration; Applications; Where To Buy; Find An Installer; Contact us Enter Serial Number Enter Date Installed IE. Quickly receive important notifications for your new water heater. If you would like to check your warranty, please click on "Heater Info" and select "Verify Warranty." Spanish; MEX/LATAM Spanish ; Search Navien. It is our understanding they will continue to support the product through the end of 2016, and honor all components of the product warranty per existing customer purchase agreements. If a defect occurs within the warranty period, we will: 1. Why Can't I Put an Elbow Directly into the Top of NPE Tankless Water Heaters. When calling to schedule warranty service, it's necessary to provide both the water heater's serial number and model number. Make-up Air System. So we’ve equipped our products with some of the best warranties in the business. Product Warranty Information. To obtain Warranty compensation you must be able to provide the defective water heater (Ensure that all the parts & rating label are intact) or the defective part(s) replaced; the complete model number and serial number of the new water heater or the water heater from which the defective part(s) was removed; and proof of the date of installation of the defective product(s) replaced. Select Navien Unit. Completing this form will help you obtain more efficient warranty service in case there is a problem with your product during the limited warranty period. The GE Geospring hybrid water heater case arises due to problems with a hybrid water heater. Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization. We give contact information for GE water heater, geyser, cylinder, calorifier manufacturers and for water heater installation, operation, & troubleshooting manuals.